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Tokyo Linux Users Group

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October Meeting Information

 Date: 10 October, 1998
 Meeting Place: HSBC Securities 10F
 Meeting Time: 12:30
 Talk: IPv6
 Demos: VNC, Corel NetWinder
 Auction: Many, many items
 Nijikai Place: Tengu Tokyo EkiMae,

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Linux at the October 10th meeting! We had a good turnout to help set up starting at 10:00, and over 50 people came to the meeting overall. The nijikai was another success as well - it was fun to see PC's and monitors from the auction lining the walls of Tengu :-)

Thanks to Shigeo Honda for this slide show of the meeting, Ken Harada for these snapshots, and thanks again to our speakers:

IPv6 at IMASY by Ichiro Fukuhara and Hajimu Umemoto

An in-depth look at how IPv6 testing is progressing at leading Japanese organizations in co-ordination with IMASY. Although most of their work is being done with FreeBSD, they are working towards including more Linux interfacing. One thing this talk really showed was that there is a lot of commonality between the FreeBSD group and Linux groups, and a lot of opportunity to work together.

The development of the IPv6 protocol and its experiments are joint and global effort, where Open Software community play a great role. IMASY has been working with WIDE - 6 bone project to the actual experimentation of IPv6 through V6-V4-V6 tunneling. IMASY plans to the first Japanese ISP who OFFICIALLY supports IPv6 protocol for dialup subscribers.

IMASY, Internet Mutual Aid Society is a Yokohama based regional, non-profit Internet Service Provider and network users community. (http://www.imasy.or.jp). All the technical support and operations are performed though the enthusiasts' efforts.

Ichiro Fukuhara is the Chief Engineer of IMASY and responsible for the system design, hardware and software selection, and day to day operations.

Hajimu Umemoto is an Engineer of IMASY who is in charge of the same roles.

Corel Netwinder Computer by Jim Tittsler

This is one tight package! A 275MHz screamer built into the size of a small router, the Corel Netwinder is a neat system to play with, and could offer commercial customers a solution for small spaces.

He used MagicPoint http://www.mew.org/mgp/ to show an outline.

He has also left a copy of the presentation (without the audio clip :-) at: ftp://starship.skyport.net/pub/crew/jtittsler/tlug-netwinder.tgz The netwinder.mgp file is plain text if you just want to look through the outline.

 More complete sources of information are:

VNC by Urs Roesch

VNC lets you have an Xwindow of one computer running Linux, MS, or Solaris on another box. This is a really good way of having MS apps ready to use on your Linux box without having to switch monitors.

 More information is available at http://www.orl.co.uk/vnc/

Tlug CDROM's:

Rex Walters has volunteered to co-ordinate the Tlug CDROM circle to produce CD's for the group. If you are interested in helping out by burning CD's or collecting useful programs, please get in contact with Rex (rex@auspex.co.jp). At present, we have:

 01: Netscape 4.05, 4.06, 4.07
 02: Mozilla source, Netscape 4.5b1, 4.5b2
 03: Tlug Archives, VNC, Xcdroast, Alien, Monash, .....
 04: Updates 1: Caldera, Debian, Slackware, Suse, Turbolinux
 05: Updates 2: RedHat 5.0, 5.1

 #03 was especially popular, and sold out of it's first run at the meeting.


This month's auction proved to be the most successful yet! The totals aren't in yet, but it looks like the proceeds will be the highest so far. Thanks to Jim Tittsler for being our auctioneer!


We had two volunteers to join the Tlug executive as technical directors, Rex Walters and Kenichi Itsumi, who were elected by acclamation. Thanks for volunteering!

-Joe Marchak. 1998:10 10