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Tokyo Linux Users Group

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August Meeting Information

 Date: August 8, 1998
 Lunch Meeting Time: 12:30
 Lunch Meeting Place: Tokyo JR Station Yaesu Chuo exit
 Lunch Eating Place: HSBC
 Meeting Time: 13:45
 Meeting Place: HSBC Securities Japan Ltd
 Tokyo Branch
 HSBC Building 10th floor
 11-1 Nihonbashi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027
 (Tel.) 03-5203-3925
 (fax) 03-5203-3699

Meeting Topic

In the middle of the peak summer travel time here in Tokyo, 41 people came out to revel at the Tlug “Platform Independent Linux” meeting.

Thanks to everyone who came out, we had a good time working on both the fastest TLUG machines ever (DEC Alpha 600MHz and SGI Indy 5000) and also the “I don't believe it boots linux!!” machines: an Amiga 3000, a Mac IIci and an Intel 25MHz 386 (with math chip :-).

Additional photo's of the event are available for your viewing satisfaction at:

the August 8th Photo Gallery (by Shigeo Honda)

The TLUG auction, led by Jim Tittsler, was both another financial success for TLUG and also the best deal in town, seeing people leave with bargain 486 desktops tucked under their arms, ethernet cables poking out of pockets, and multimedia speakers everywhere.

We also voted to purchase a CD-ROM RW burner from Marcus Metzler, who in addition, provided images for Debian 2 which we hope to clone for the next nomikai. The CDRom burner is now available to anyone for use in providing the group with software distributions ... CD to burn? call Jonathan Byrne :-)

Special thanks to Gaspar Sinai for the loan of his Dec Alpha, Takeshi Hakamada for bringing the SGI Indy, Chris Sekiya for the Amiga 3000 and Tim Meggs for bringing the Mac “boilermaker”. Thanks also to Shigeo Honda for again organizing the food and beverages, and Jonathan Byrne for organizing the library.

Best surprise of the meeting: Jonathan's 5000 yen Sparc 2, labeled as defective at the store, booted as soon as memory was added!

In addition there were free-take-as-many-as-you-can-carry 10baseT ethernet cables, power cables, UK power cables(!!), brass screws(!?!?) and other odds and ends at the door for all.

The Tengu nijikai was a gathering of minds, mostly in a foggy state, and was a lot of fun. What was in those shooters, Tim? :-) 1998:08 08