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from 1 17 July, 1998

July Party Events

 July Nomikai Information
 Date: 17 July, 1998
 Nomikai Meeting Time: 19:30
 Nomikai Meeting Place: Tengu Tokyo EkiMae
 Chuo-ku, Kyobashi 1-1-6, EchiZenYa Bld. B1/B2
 Phone: 03-3275-3691
 Events: drink and eat (primarily a social activity)
 Next Regular Meeting: 8 August
 Additional Information:

TLUG's Friday evening nomikai was a roaring success thanks to the 28 people that came out and had a good time. The highlight of the evening was a Sparc 4c disk install by Chris Sekiya and Jonathan Byrne using a Toshiba laptop running minicom as a terminal emulator. It may have been the first Sparc install at an izakaya *ever* : )

Jonathan adds Joe Marchak is being too modest here. It was really an install by Joe and Chris on my disk, with me in attendance. This install was especially made possible by Joe, who not only brought an incredibly huge backpack of stuff, including a Sparc LX and an external SCSI enclosure, but also made not one, but two, jogs to his office to get things that we suddenly found we would need.

Special thanks to Shigeo Honda for being snackmaster, and to Alberto Tomita for taking photographs of the event.

This event was open to all Linux users and friends, and was to promote casual linux (and non-linux) related discussions over a few cold ones.

Someone was waiting at Tokyo station Yaesu chuo ticket gate at 19:15. Here is a picture of Yaesu Chuo ticket gate: http://www.imasy.or.jp/Yaesu-Chuo.jpg

Tengu is about 5 minutes away from the Yaesu Chuo exit of the JR Tokyo train station. It is on the right hand side of Yaesu Dori if you are walking out of the station. 1998:07 07