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May Party Events

May 15, 1998 Friday C. Oda

I'm still recovering from May TLUG Nomikai. It was really intense. We had a large gathering of people at Tokyo station Yaesu Chuo ticket gate at 19:15. Fortunately, I waved enough Linux magazines around to gain some attention. When we got to Tengu, Joe Marchak had already arranged for three tables to be allocated for TLUG usage. The tables were in the basement, next to the wall. This was the same area as the last TLUG gathering and came to be known as the TLUG corner. Around 30 people showed up and we were seated about 10 people per table. Ken Harada prepared name tags for us. Joe Marchak and Craig Oda kicked off the name with a simple toast. We attempted to announce eVote and encourage use of the voting system, but the party noise in Tengu made the announcement difficult to hear. We ordered food in units of six, two per table. To start things off we ordered six pitchers of beer. This went rapidly so we ordered six more. We had about 12 orders of karaage fried chicken, 12 orders of tekkamaki, 6 gessou, 6 yakionigiri, 6 hourensou salad, 6 yakisoba, 6 magurotataki, 6 kotsuage, 6 cheese age, 6 yakitori moriawase, a few bottles of wine, several atsukan and numerous other dishes. Thanks to Joe Marchak for taking the initiative and organizing the food orders. Scott Perlman gave a brief lesson and demonstration on wine pouring.

Ken Harada and Marcus Metzler took pictures of the event. Ken loaded the pictures up to the web that night. See the pictures on the left and the URL http://www.hayama.net/~kenhrd/images/ for a summary of the pictures.

Tengu took the last order around 10:00 p.m. There were several meetings taking place during the nomikai. Hikari Kitabayashi was discussing an idea for a Linux fair. We had a meeting for the Perl Journal in which a lot of major issues were discussed. The notes of The Perl Journal Japan meeting were posted to the tpj-jp@tlug.jp mailing list by Ken Harada.

After a lot of food and drink, the total bill came out to 3,000 yen per person.

The TLUGers that made it happen: Ken Harada, Masanori Smiley Omote, Alberto Tomita, Jr., Steve Turnbull, Ken Schwarz, Scott Perlman, Hitomi Tomobe, Daisuke Sato, Yoshihisa Sato, Craig Oda, Klaus Kudielke, Marcus Metzler, Urs Roesch, William Bond, Sean Mannon, Ronald Sears, Chiew Farn Chung, Manuel Chakravarty (spelling?), Jonathan Byrne, Kiyohito Suzuki, Itsumi Kenichi, Solotskyy Mykola, Dmytro Kovalev, Hikari Kitabayashi, Hiroshi Miura, Yoshihisa Kitajimu, Joe Marchak, Hisashi Nakazawa, and Yurie Horita.

In traditional TLUG fashion after we closed the bar at Tengu we went searching for more alcohol at Kita no Kazoku. This nijikai was a memorable event. By the time Kita no Kazoku kicked us out, the bill had gotten to 2,100 yen.

After the party at Kita no Kazoku, we hopped on to a train drunk and headed over to a party at Ken Schwarz's house in Gakugei Daigaku. Schwarz-san, thanks for hosting this extraordinary 3 jikai. At the party, Ken Harada posted the notes from his digital camera using Ken Schwarz's phone line. Great!

We got into a deep philosophical discussion around 3:00 a.m. This was partly due to us finding Ken Schwarz's liquor cabinet and making friends with a bottle of malt whiskey.

I stumbled out of the party at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Wow, intense fun, good friends, and excellent conversation. An awesome TLUG event. 1998:05 05