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from 1 Wednesday, January 14 1998

TLUG January 14 Nomikai

C. Oda January 16, 1998

Bigger and Better

I was running late to the January 14th nomikai. I thought we were gathering at 19:30 at Tokyo station and the correct time was 19:15. Everyone gathered 15 minutes before I got there and left. Of course, when Stephen Turnbull and Rob Bickel asked me what time the meeting was, I said 19:30 at Tokyo station. We moved from Yaesu bookstore to Tokyo station just in time to meet Yohko Kase and Ayako Kato . While this was a pleasant experience for the three men, the two ladies were saying, “where is all the membership?” Where was everyone? We went up to Tengu, hoping that we would bump into a few members, and were surprised when we met about 20 loud TLUGers drinking beer and already chowing down on food. Daniel Kenny, the organizer of this successful event was running around trying to make sure everyone had a chair and a beer.

We had space for about 15 people and we just squashed 25 people in there. It was great. Beer moved to Japanese sake, atsukan. The chicken, pizza, beef, and sushi were great.

There was a big showing of Japanese members from IMASY, a non-profit Yokohama ISP. This was due to the efforts of TLUGer Ken Harada.

Read About the Excitement, See the Action Pictures

Ken, dedicated TLUGer that he is, was the first to post meeting notes. This is a tremendous effort considering that he must have been hung over. This work is available in Japanese here:

Japanese Description

Yuusuke Tamula went all out and has produced a wonderful page with 21 full-color full-size pictures of the evening (Some of which appear on this page as well). Tamula-san also wrote an exciting narrative of the evening. His site is available here:

Pictures + Japanese.

I was even more impressed with the work when I found out that he missed the last train home and probably produced the page with frozen hands.

John Little ran around with a pen and paper and got a listing of the members who attended this grand event.


The Second Bar - Beer part II

Well, about 10:30 p.m. we started to worry about making it home okay so we pried our fingers from the beer mugs and walked outside Tengu. However, people started shouting nijikai. So, we ended up at Kitanokazoku. The nijikai was quieter and we got to talk more in depth about the technology that drew us together. I left after they took the last order and there were still people there, so I can't explain what happened. I hope they didn't install another server in the bar in their drunken state.

Any Official Club Stuff?

Joe Marchak brought the TLUG library and we loaned out some software to spread the power of Linux among the people of Tokyo.

Masanori-san collected 4,429 yen for the club. This brings the total to 24,590 yen. We may get enough money to actually hire an artist to design our T-Shirt. Or, we may be able to have a contest for the T- Shirt design and give out prize money.

Twenty-five people attended the January Nomikai. The group continues to grow and we continue to seek ways to integrate more Japanese people and more women into our Linux community.

The next meeting is at Joe's office, HSBC, on February 14th. 1998:01 01