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Tokyo Linux Users Group

from 1 Saturday, October, 1997

The October, 1997 meeting of the Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) brought together a lot of enthusiasts and a lot of equipment. Altogether, 18 people showed up.

Prior to the meeting, Alberto Tomita, Joe Marchak, and Demian Martos prepared the LAN and workstations at the HSBC office. About the same time, a dozen TLUGers were chowing curry then meeting up with three new members at Starbucks.

Japanese on Linux

There was a short comparison of Wnn and Canna Japanese conversion engines. Wnn is older and Hajime Saito mentioned that it might have a better dictionary. Wnn is no longer under development as free software. Wnn6 is commercial software available from Omron. Canna is still under active development. There was also a discussion comparing Slackware, RedHate and Debian installations.

Sparc Linux

John Little and Jim Tittsler gave an introduction to Sparc Linux. The installation could have gone better.

“No, it still hasn't finished making the file systems.” We spent an embarassingly long time trying to make Ext2 filesystems on the 2GB hard disk connected to a SparcStation1+ with 16MB of RAM. After cheating and only making a few moderate-sized partitions, we were eventually able to get Linux for Sparc installed.

There was a lot of variety at the meeting, ranging from the smallest Linux notebook yet to be seen at a TLUG meeting to the impressive Linux library Joe is building at HSBC.

People at the meeting discussed Japanese on Linux, Sparc Linux, and took care of some administrivia. Craig Oda was elected to a 1 year term as President of TLUG and several goals were set for the coming months - get a dedicated TLUG machine with a full-time connection, provide greater support of multilingual software design and increase the number of meetings. 1997:10 10