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Tokyo Linux Users Group

from 1 Saturday, June 14 1997

The June 14th meeting was another success. It started off at Tokyo station where we dined on Okonomiyaki. Most peopled went for the mixed-yaki, Craig went for the gusto and ordered the oomori portion.

John Little brought a camera and took a few pictures. We were all amazed at Joe Marchak's 20" color monitor on a Linux machine running Red Hat with Motif. Thank you Joe and HSBC for hosting the meeting.

Alberto Tomita removed the Applixware student version on Joe's machine and installed the Applixware Developer's version for a demonstration. This was a pleasent surprise. Applixware developer is a full-blown graphical object oriented development environment. Alberto was able to learn the basics of program creation and put together a program with buttons, labels, and an input box in about 15 minutes from the time he first touched the machine.

Tim Meegs and Leo commented that the GUI development IDE was pretty interesting and Tim mentioned that it had a more graphical integration than MS Visual C++. There was a small sample application that read in a real-time Reuters feed. The class library looked good. We were able to open an MS Excel file and save it as HTML. Joe commented that the HTML code produced by Applixware was much more readable than the code produced by Office '97.

We then tried to install Caldera Open Linux on John Little's Compaq server with a 6 disk IDE disk array. Unfortunately, the installation bogged down. However, we did learn that Caldera Open Linux is in Red Hat Package Manager format and Alberto commented that it was almost the same as the Red Hat distribution. CDs were passed out and a few members mentioned that they would try to do an install and tell everyone how it went. 1997:06 06