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Tokyo Linux Users Group

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SparcLinux Installfest

The February, 1997 meeting of the Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) featured a big SparcLinux installfest. TLUG member John Little arranged for the donation of a variety of Sun SLCs, ELCs, and accessories. So on February 1st, we invaded the largest meeting room at TIBCO in downtown Tokyo and proceeded to generate a number of new SparcLinux users.

John and Alberto Tomita Junior were able to cram an amazing amount of equipment into just two cars for transport to the meeting. Our host, Andy Howell, supplied a lot of networking hardware to connect everything together. Everyone got some first hand experience in putting together an SLC/ELC system from memory installation through boot configuration.

With one machine displaying the Penguin (otherwise known as booting) from an existing hard disk and another doing an install from the RedHat CD-ROM, John moved on to explain how to configure the next machine to boot over the net.

The hardiest of the group were there for over 8 hours sorting through the equipment, putting together “systems,” and installing SparcLinux. At the end of the day, John still had to help box up machines for the folks that decided they would rather not lug their machine home on the subway. 1997:02 02