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What happened in 24th September

Food Place

La Pachanga Mexican Food. 1,400 yen All you can eat food.. :-) Tel: 03-3476-5535

Yes, once again, Mexican food and Linux!

Meeting Place

Linux heaven! The CTI head offices with Linux machines coming out of the walls.

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

Lunch at La Panchanga was excellent. It was a first meeting for Ted, Ted's wife, Tomita-san, Ikko-san, and Stephen Turnbull. We chatted about Linux over burritos and then took the subway to CTI for some demonstrations.

Jim was really keen on Samba and raved about how he could mount Windows NT, WFW, and Windows '95 directories onto his Linux machine over the network. He can also share his Linux files with the other machines.

Ikko had an excellent demonstration of jlinuxdoc-sgml. We also spoke about the pros and cons of LaTeX, LaTeX2HTML, detex, Qwertz, texinfo. Japanese worked fine under Mosaic and mule.

Stephen explained how to get GhostScript to print Japanese on a standard U.S. HP LaserJet. This is something I am very interested in. He has promised to write a short description of the procedure.

Nori has a HP ScanJet II running under Linux.

Roberto and Ikko use xdvi to display Japanese are are experiencing no problems. No one knows the difference between ptex and Ptex.

Jim reports that Wine can now run WSFTP.

Rainer did a demo of two Linux boxes connected with ISDN and getting 22,000 cps data transfers with compression. 1995:09 09