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What happened in January?

Food Place

Steak Kuishinbo near the CTI office:

We enjoyed reasonably priced beef. I had the oroshi-steak set with salad, soup and rice for about 800 yen.

Meeting Place

Linux heaven! The CTI head offices with Linux machines coming out of the walls.

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

This month's theme was interpretted languages and Rainer (rvm@fore.com) was prepared with a TCL demo that showed various system performance statistics. We discussed TkPerl, Rex, and forth. Everyone is still looking for development languages that are cross-platform. We really want a PIGUI (Platform Independent Graphic User Interface), but have not found a suitable tool yet. TkPerl is still in alpha, so it might be best to stick to Tk/TCL.

jellison@shrine.cyber.ad.jp, (James), explained how to create “compiled” perl programs with a unix command and a Perl flag.

Dave explained a few pointers on kanji input with Wnn and also spoke about a few tricks with audio output.

We also spoke about new kernel patches, e-cash, and Linux compared to other UNIX operating systems such as SunOS, Solaris, BSD and HP/UX. Everyone thinks Linux is the best! :-)

Summary of Decisions

A temporary mailing list will be set up courtesy of Cyber Technologies International (CTI). CTI has also agreed to donate meeting space for the meetings. We are going to hold the meetings on the third Sunday of every month with the next meeting on February 19th, 1995 at 11:00 a.m.

Everyone is encouraged to volunteer to do demonstrations. Before a demo, you should communicate your intention with others by use of the mailing list. 1995:01 01