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Tokyo Linux Users Group

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What happened in December?

Food Place

The hacker's gastronomic delight of three large pizzas from Dominos Pizza:

We enjoyed the cuisine with an especially fine year of Coca-Cola in the head offices of Cyber-Technologies International amidst a herd of over a half-dozen Linux machines.

Meeting Place

Linux heaven! The CTI head offices with Linux machines coming out of the walls.

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

Linux machines on the Internet! This was one of the best meetings yet. We got Rainer's machine hooked up with PPP and configured his X-Windows for a higher resolution. Nori showed an awesome knowledge of XF86Config. Rainer also won a game of Spider during the meeting. Amazing! We ran Doom II on Linux. It works. Due to the access to the net we had, everyone tested out some cool tools including, Mosaic, Netscape, X-FTP, and TCPdump. We also experimented with displaying a remote Mosaic session on a local X-Window. We first used Rainer's home office machine which was some 15 hops away and got the thing to run over a serial line using PPP. We then moved onto a Linux machine on a 64K leased line and of course got better results.

Among other things, we also demonstrated the 3-D modelling tool, geomview. Rainer gave a short demo on configuring fvwm to make maximum use of keystroke commands. 1994:12 12