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What happened on 30th October?

Food Place

Serene splendor of Inogashira Koen. We watched children frolic in the park while eating chicken and talking about Linux.

Meeting Place

Jim's (JWT) radio-bombarded electronic wonderland and Linux development center. Thanks Jim!

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

After stumbling into each other at the 0101 binary shop in Kichijoji, we rambled over to the Kernel's finest for some Southern chicken-flavored grease and chips, mochikaeri, and ate at Inogashira Koen.

The hot topic was XFree86-3.1. Nori had it, and I wanted it. X11R6 appears to be faster and support more chip sets. The big difference is in the config files. The main config file is now called XF86Config. The defaults limit the power of X, so beware:

We tried to configure Jim's machine for PPP, but failed. Jim had two Linux machines connected with PLIP, which proved to be enough amusement. :-)

After the meeting, we played BattleTech.

Excellent meeting! 1994:10 10