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What happened on 10th of September?

Food Place

All you can eat Mexican in Shibuya.

Meeting Place

Ed's apartment and Linux pleasure palace. Thanks Ed!

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

After eating Mexican food till we were sick, we travelled to Ed's place and popped open a few beers. After the first one, Rainer sat down in front of Ed's computer and decided to reformat Ed's disk and install Linux again from scratch. Since Rainer was doing pretty well with his beer, we let him. Surprisingly, the installation went smoothly.

Rainer brought his ThinkPad running Linux and I got to play around with xfishtank fish swimming over the grand canyon. Rainer also had a cool tcl program. Nori was excited that DOOM for Linux was released on the day of the meeting. We went home and played a networked version. I immediately started shooting him. Sorry, I didn't realize it was team play. ;-)

I also tried out Jim's favorite editor, JED. Although I like emacs, I have been hearing some extremely good comments about JED and after trying it out, I agree with the good reports.

I brought along the September issue of the Linux Journal to show everyone what it was about. Jim gave out a free copy of InfoMagic's February Linux CD-ROM.

Excellent meeting! 1994:09 09